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Not Celebrating Birthday Wishlist #5: a dinner and a hug

In these days we had such fun reading and imagining the consequences of the long list of dreams for my Not Celebrating Birthday Wishlist.
Houses (better say mansions), clothes (whole wardrobes please!), hi-tech objects (super objects), but actually today only two very simple things would be enough for me. But unfortunately I already know that it’s impossible to have them:
a dinner and a hug.

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Not Celebrating Birthday Wishlist #4: Pilgrimage

August, the fateful day when a “plus one” will be added to my age is approaching more and more. So, I’m continuing to draw my wishlist looking for one (or more) reason to not feel depression for celebrating 29 years.
What do I really would like to include in my Not Celebrating Birthday Wishlist?
A pilgrimage.
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