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Do fashion shows make sense anymore?

Recently COUNCIL OF FASHION DESIGNERS OF AMERICA launched some upsetting proposals for the fashion system, and European fashion coucils tried to respond, even if they didn’t know how to.

The hot topic concerns twice-yearly fashion shows and their impossibility of immediate purchase for those who want to buy everything just after the final catwalk. So the question is: Do fashion weeks make sense anymore?

Pitti Uomo 89 - African Generations

Pitti Uomo 89 – African Generations – Ph:

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MFW – Antonio Marras Spring Summer 2016

Antonio Marras is the perfect embodiment of what I call “poet-designer”.

He is one of the few visionary characters who lives fashion and everything that goes around it, as a means of expression of his cultural identity. I think that due to this reason his invitation and press-kit are the most wanted objects of desire of the Milan Fashion Week; they are like small art works in which he explains his point of view, through images and words inviting the reader to discover a different world.

Antonio Marras - Spring Summer 2016

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Gilded mirrors, soft lighting, international guests and the garden full of people. It seems to be in one of those wonderful hotels that survived the Haussmann’s renovation of Paris, waiting for the collection of the latest child prodigy who will change fashion for ever, but actually is June 16th and I am at the Polimoda Show 2015 in Florence to see the 20 best collections from the Polimoda Fashion Design Course led by Patrick De Muynck.

Polimoda Show 2015

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